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#2 Solution -- Characteristics

Securing ANY Area Using Unique Vehicle Identity

(Micro Areas Through Universal Oversight)

Unique Characteristics:

•      An On-Board Identity (OBI) or Characteristic Identity (CI) is defined for each vehicle creating a fingerprint-like identity with no duplications or repetitions

•      A central Security Management System (SMS) exists to manage OBI and CI applications

•      An SMS can monitor a small area such as a parking lot, expand to cover municipalities or broaden to a connected network of SMS elements covering an entire continent

•      The (non-contact) SMS captures and stores discrete OBI and CI information

•      SMS can deliver an encoded entry confirmation Ticket/Tag (T/T) for each vehicle

•      SMS re-confirms access rights of vehicles at monitored pass-through points

•      SMS reads and confirms the identity and encoded Ticket/Tag are a match at exiting

•      Vehicles not system cleared/confirmed at any point can be detained for issue resolution

•      System retains OBI or CI identity for clearance at all subsequent control points

•      If on-file OBI or CI identity required (government installations) but absent, entry is denied

•      Zones of varying access privileges can be gate controlled on government sites

Tamperproof Identity:

•      Vehicle OBI can be manufacturer installed or retrofit but is tamperproof tied to its onboard computer/controller and could be recorded along with the VIN number:

a)  If OBI device is tampered with, vehicle operation could shut down or be limited

b)  Shutdown could require authorized intervention to remedy or reset to be operational

c)  Verifying OBI at vehicle inspections, sale transfers, etc. to re-validate ownership

•      Via an SMS, authorities can cross-tie the OBI to a vehicle’s registration and license plate

•      The OBI or CI can be system tied to a Ticket/Tag receipt given to an operator/agent

•      System delivered entry T/T contains randomly encoded identity tied to the OBI or CI

•      All OBI, CI and T/T identities tied to a vehicle are re-verified at pass-points and exits

•      If on-file SMS listing is required, can limit access to approved OBI or CI identity vehicles

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