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#2 Solution -- More Characteristics

Securing ANY Area Using Unique Vehicle Identity

(Micro Areas Through Universal Oversight)

Emitted Signal:

      OBI is primarily based on an on-board emitted signal or characteristics

      An OBI can be externally read and monitored from a distance, if so authorized

      OBI signals might be turned on/off or scrambled from afar to protect from tampering

External Control:

      A self-powered mobile entity may not start or operate if the OBI is set to OFF by owner or others so authorized, even from a signal sent from afar

      If OBI recorded with VIN, authorities can passively screen vehicles from afar via the SMS

      An additional access code might be needed to switch the OBI element to ON or OFF

      In a broad based system, a group of vehicles could be disabled to prevent theft, e.g., at a military site, construction site, auto dealership, equipment sales or rental center, etc.

      With legal authorization, an external vehicle control might be triggered from a distance:

a)  Disabling a mobile entity fleeing authorities as in a law enforcement chase to apprehend if the OBI element was switched to OFF from a remote controller

b)  Stopping vehicles of a suspect nature (fleeing felons, stolen vehicles, Amber Alert suspects, etc.) at bridges, toll gates, or elsewhere by law enforcement

c)  Activating a fleeing vehicle’s light system where an externally addressable OBI might be triggered to cause the lights to flash uncontrollably

d)  Taking over control of a fleeing vehicle’s brake system where an externally addressable OBI could safely bring the vehicle's travel to a controlled stop

      Inter-linked (military, govt., secured) systems can communicate new/revised OBI’s while on the move via GPS or to any en route checkpoints (bridges, tunnels, etc.) and approved access sites throughout a mobile entity’s planned travel route

      Approved access sites (airports, military, govt., hospitals, refineries, chemical plants, food processing plants, water purification plants) could be system defined to expect and past through only vehicles with the pre-identified OBI’s