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#2 Solution -- Functional Details

Securing ANY Area Using Unique Vehicle Identity

(Micro Areas Through Universal Oversight)

      This system protects, controls and secures regions entered and exited by vehicles (or other mobile entities) via a Security Management System (SMS).  For entering vehicles, the SMS: a) senses a vehicle On-Board Identity (OBI) code (e.g., Easy Pass transponder); or, b) creates a Characteristics Identity (CI) by detecting several repeatable characteristics such as model, manufacturer, license plate, VIN, identification tag/seal, color, shape, physical features, et. al.

      The SMS identified OBI or CI can be provided to a data storage systems for future use to confirm information matches stored information or that entered by or from other locations for identity or tracking purposes such as securing or isolating potentially problem vehicles of any type pending resolution.

      The sensed OBI or created CI are assessed by the SMS to: a) identify known vehicles; b) assess acceptance of vehicles new; or, rejecting vehicles not meeting any defined parameters.  SMS known, returning vehicles typically include a defined “fleet” population such as a government, military, corporate, law enforcement, etc.  For SMS accepted entering vehicles, the SMS provides a form of a Ticket/Tag (TT) or other acknowledgement containing a randomly coded Master Number (MN) retained by operator to identify the entering vehicle.

      When a vehicle is exiting the area or passing from one region to another, the OBI and/or the CI are read by the SMS to determine the vehicle’s pass through or exiting rights.  Upon SMS confirmation of the OBI and/or CI, the vehicle operator presents the TT for SMS acknowl-edgement whereupon confirmation allows vehicle departure or SMS rejection requires resolution to commence. 

        NOTE:  Mobile Entity is ANY transportable whether a self-powered vehicle such as car, truck, train, etc. or transported by auxiliary

                        means such as semi-trailers, cargo containers, cartons, skids/pallets, et al.