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#2 Solution -- Applications

Securing ANY Area Using Unique Vehicle Identity

(Micro Areas Through Universal Oversight)

      SUSTAINING REVENUE STREAM – The OBI system can be a standalone business unit.  Virtually all the below listed applications could involve revenue sources from initial purchases or leases, related training and re-training, software fees and updates, system and OBI installations of a broad variety, sub-user licenses, technical support, service parts sales and many more.

      SIMPLEST OBI APPLICATIONS -- a Security Management System (SMS) can “secure” vehicles in a parking lot by encoding an OBI into the parking ticket given to the driver

a)  An ongoing revenue stream can be available from city parking lots and multi-level garages operated by Allright Parking, Ampco Systems, Kinney, Propark America, and others.  Patrons to city and airport parking lots would likely pay $0.50 to $1.00 per day to “insure their BMW, Cadillac, Infinity, Lexus, Mercedes etc. is still there when they returned to re-claim it.

b)  The OBI encoded parking ticket would defeat those situations occurring in the early-AM hours where someone walks into an unmanned parking lot entry on foot, dispenses a parking ticket, then breaks into a car, jumper connects the wiring, and drives out the exit using the hand dispensed ticket

c)  The second most frequent parking lot  stolen car event is someone driving a stolen junker into the lot, dispensed a parking ticket, and driving out in a high value stolen car.

      SECURED OBI LOCATIONS -- a group of vehicles could be controlled to defined degrees:

a)  Any mobile entity operated on a military site, construction site, refinery, chemical or munitions plant, auto dealership, equipment sales or rental center can be controlled

b)  A group of vehicles operated on a common site could be disabled to prevent theft, e.g., military base, airport, construction site, auto or equipment sales/rental center, etc.

c)  City offices of government agencies, co-located with civil tenants, can utilize a tamperproof OBI device plus a driver’s ID (replacing a Ticket/Tag) to confirm entry/exit

      BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING – if OBI’s become factory installed at manufacturing and registered along with the VIN number and/or state registration, a broad array of law enforcement actions, if lawfully sanctioned, could be possible via OBI monitoring such as: screening for suspected felons on the run, recovering stolen cars, disabling fleeing vehicles being chased, monitoring sex offender’s habits, etc.  

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