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#1 Solution -- GPS TRACKING

Rapid Access Information Database (RAID) --

Police Locate Stolen Vehicles in Minutes & Emergency Responders Arrive to Save Lives!

A "Rebirth" for Law Enforcement! Per 2014 FBI data, 689,527 cars were stolen equating to a theft every 46 seconds at a replacement cost of $4.5 BILLION.  About, 43,000 motorcycles were stolen, many costing $20,000 or more.  Only 12% of the thefts resulted in arrests. The BAD GUYS WON 88% of the time!  21,000 thefts involved car-jacking, often with associated personal injury or loss of life and untold property losses too.  The Technology exists to STOP

  Vehicle thefts have become a "JOB" for many criminals.  It's said they now "take orders" for the desired vehicle, read its GPS signature then steal it at night.  IT'S ALL PROFIT FOR THEM!

these annual $billions in losses but insurance companies are NOT taking action because they collect about $28 billion annually from "comprehensive coverage" on the 70% of 238 million US vehicle with coverage and pay out only $4.5 billion.  Where's the incentive?  The FBI says only a 1-2 hour window exists before stolen vehicles are "GONE" via chop shop, hide-away (cargotainer/semi-trailer), border crossing, etc.  With the growing frequency of installed GPS equipment, rapidly available location information for Law Enforcement (LE) would significantly increase the shameful 12% vehicle theft resolution rate.  Emergency Responders (ER) could save lives too.

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