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#1 Solution -- Characteristics

Rapid Access Information Database (RAID)

for Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders

RAID Overview:

      FOCAL CONCEPT -- A system providing rapid information access, using vehicle license plate lookup, via an "internet contact portal," to query the 20+ existing manufacturer and aftermarket GPS databases to provide authorized law enforcement/ emergency response (LE/ER) units the GPS location details within minutes after a vehicle theft or emergency event is reported.  All current GPS system safeguards remain in place.

      Expand the RAID support database to encompass the millions of owners having GPS equipped vehicles not actively monitored by manufacturer or aftermarket databases but would pay a small annual fee for "theft recovery protection" if a vehicle is stolen.

      A few areas consistently have the highest thefts each year.  411,000 or 60% of 2014 thefts occurred in 10 states.  San Francisco Bay area alone had 29,100 thefts or 560 per week.  Seattle area had 20,300 thefts or 390 per week.  Five other cities had 3000-5000 each.

      Nearly 400, state troopers, sheriffs, and police officers were queried on the RAID support concept.  In the 351 replies, all agreed that RAID “rapid support” should swing the tide from 88% of thefts unsolved quite quickly because LE presently has NO resources.  As RAID's access to GPS details grows over time, theft recovery would grow proportionally.  

      RAID search efforts should ideally be linked with the FBI's broad capabilities afforded by the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) such that fleeing vehicles crossing state lines and possibly other fleeing felon events can be intercepted elsewhere. 

      Proven US RAID success could: a) promote expansion to all of North America and beyond; and, b) pressure insurance companies in to reducing "comprehensive" charges

      Expand RAID to include any and all self-powered mobile entities such as trucks, tractors, buses, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, RVs and others as GPS usage increases with time.

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