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#1 Solution -- Functional Details

Rapid Access Information Database (RAID) for Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders (LE/ER)

Executing RAID:

      All existing safeguards insuring and preserving "Individual Privacy" will be preserved.  LE will not have direct access to any GPS signatures and LE access must be authorized.

      The 7 manufacturers (and likely the 15+ aftermarket sources) of GPS equipment DO NOT want to individually maintain LE call centers for theft support.  They may gladly pay RAID a fee to assume "active" LE GPS tracking support for the hundreds of thousands of "functional" navigation options on their vehicles.  They could promote additional sales.

      The potential for a swift, successful RAID launch would lie with assuming theft support activities for one or more vehicle manufacturers which already have a database of active GPS signatures.  Ideally, the RAID contact portal should directly link to manufacturers' databases, but agreed upon expedited manual procedures may suffice initially.

      If manufacturers will not initially support a RAID launch, conduct test area promotional broadcasts offering free theft monitoring for a year or pay a small fee to vehicle owners who permit their vehicle's GPS signature to be RAID monitored.  This may tie into an ongoing ability for the owner to actively monitor their vehicle GPS via a cell phone app.

      Work jointly with the 7 manufacturers to either allow RAID to offer theft monitoring to the thousands, if not millions, of GPS equipped vehicles not subscribing to the navigation option, or define a fee based RAID monitoring for the manufacturers to offer a theft monitoring option, which may lead to navigation re-enrollments for the manufacturer.

      Approach the 10 metropolitan areas having vehicle thefts ranging from 2,500 to 29,000 per year and promote adding a "GPS equipped" indicator to the license number listing in each vehicle registration database.  Determine whether the GPS signature will be stored by RAID or the motor vehicle database and define RAID search procedures upon a theft. A small annual fee might be added to each vehicle registration cost to fund RAID.

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