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#1 Solution -- Applications (Revenue Potential)

Rapid Access Information Database (RAID) for Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders (LE/ER)



•      Define a fee for RAID's single contact initiative to totally assume LE support for each vehicle manufacturers stolen vehicle recovery activities where GPS equipped.  LE assistance would be streamlined, higher recoveries would improve manufacturer's image and sell more nav options.

•      Define a fee method to add the 15+ aftermarket GPS sources to RAID's active monitoring

•      After demonstrating RAID success, individual municipalities and/or states would likely budget for RAID support or agree to charging $1-$5 per vehicle at vehicle registration/re-registration to fund RAID, especially in the 10 states having 60% or 411,000 of the total 2014 vehicle thefts.

•      If the RAID initiative ultimately supports developing of a "tamper-proof" add-on GPS package, inseparably coupled to the vehicles computer/processor, the sky would be the limit on RAID's revenue potential.  Active RAID monitoring could apply to a motorcycle (43,000 stolen in 2014), construction equipment, mobile home, airplane, power boat, etc.  Multi-millions in total!

•      In addition to conventional vehicles, who would not pay $1-$3 per month or an annual fee for each scooter, snowmobile, jet ski, etc. just to know it is secured where it is supposed to be.

•      If the Black Box now in every vehicle is GPS capable, as proposed, RAID's potential population of monitored cars and trucks alone could exceed 300 or 400 million in the US in a few years.

•      Demonstrated RAID success could lead to a nationwide inter-state network of GPS monitoring funded by Federal Programs, especially if recovery success grows via NCIC interaction.

•      Should RAID tracking expand to other countries, previously stolen US vehicles could be located outside the US and that country’s law enforcement involved in recovery, especially effective if in 8 - 10 years every new vehicle was manufactured with a tamperproof GPS aboard.

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