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#3 Solution -- Characteristics

Composite On-Board (COBI) Identity for Vehicles

The NEXT GENERATION Security System!

Unique Entity Identity:

      COBI is a collective identity of multiple, variable  individual On-Board Identity (OBI) SYSTEM of elements (truck + trailer + driver + cargo, etc.) composing a TOTALLY TAMPERPROOF identity making duplication virtually impossible

      A central Security Management System (SMS) exists to manage COBI applications

      The COBI is a SMS generated and stored random code cross-linked to the mobile system and composed of multiple, changeable OBI elements

      COBI identity elements can include a broad and varied combination of characteristics such as VIN, recordable vehicle characteristics (make, model, color details), operator’s access fob ID, vehicle’s computer ID, vehicle’s GPS ID, compartment lock seal or cargo container ID, recordable operator ID feature (retina scan or finger print, verbal response, etc.) several of which should include electronic signature (e.g., RF) characteristics

      COBI mainly applies to self-powered vehicles but can include any mobile entity system

      Compatible with a broad-based SMS whereby many mobile entities can be controlled

      New COBI’s can be SMS re-assigned when the system components change or at will

Tamperproof Identity:

      If any COBI elements are tampered with, vehicle operation can be shut down or limited

      System shutdown can require authorized intervention to remedy/reset to be operational

      Component replacement might be required if COBI detects it was compromised

      At controlled/secured (military, govt., hospitals, refineries, food processing plants, chemical plants, water purification plants) checkpoints or via satellite, SMS reads select onboard COBI elements & can change the system recognized COBI for added security

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