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#3 Solution -- Functional Details

Composite On-Board Identity (COBI) for Vehicles

The NEXT GENERATION Security System!

      A method for detecting ANY unauthorized alteration, tampering, etc. of a mobile entity seeking to gain access to a secure facility, thus protecting the facility against threats. This approach broadens typical single identity verification to simultaneous, multiple identity verifications associated with a mobile entity system greatly increasing the likelihood that any tampering will be detected if any identity element reflects a change.

      Before a mobile entity begins a trip, a PLURALITY of identities related to the mobile entity system are selected as requiring verifications.  Discrete identity elements can include: the vehicle computer's signature, other On-Board Identity (OBI) devices (e.g., Easy Pass transponder, GPS signature); vehicle discrete Characteristics Identity (CI) elements, driver carried authorization, driver's retina or finger print confirmation, voice recognition and/or responses to a variable question array, cargo embedded OBI devices,  et al.

      Once verification elements are selected, initial identifying information is collected by a Security Management System (SMS) and a Composite On-Board Identity (COBI) is SMS defined for the mobile entity system.  The COBI can be a SMS randomly encoded Master Number (MN) which identifies the mobile entity to a verification authority or SMS checks at the destination as well as at en route checkpoints.  Route and schedule information may also be SMS recorded for en route pass point schedule monitoring.

      Some OBI signatures making up the COBI may be selectively disabled for security by the SMS during travels then reactivated at the destination to confirm integrity of each identity element in the mobile entity system. The identifying mechanisms are thereby further protected against intrusion or hacking while the mobile entity is en route. 

      If en route verifications fails or tampering is sensed by the onboard MN controller, this device can prevent further vehicle operation until the failure cause is resolved.  At the destination, the SMS reads the on-board MN and then confirms the integrity of each OBI.

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