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#4 Solution -- More Characteristics

Blind VAULT Locking (BVL) System Tamperproofs

Cargo Containers to Ship High Value Goods Unnoticed

Tamperproof Identity:

•      If OBIM is tamper with, altered, or disabled, its ability to unlock the BVL can be disabled or functionally shutdown

•      An OBIM shutdown requires authorized intervention to reset it to be operational

•      OBIM replacement may be required if it detects it was compromised and shuts down

•      Tamperproof OBIM’s could expose, via audible, visible or wireless signal means, en route attempts to access the mobile entity's contents or re-route the entity off course



Emitted Signal:

•      OBIM can emit an identity-related signal which is SMS read and monitored

•      OBIM signal can be externally monitored from a (defined) distance en route if so authorized such that the SMS also provides en route tracking and control

•      Emitted OBI signal (flashing light, audible sound, etc.) could be externally triggered en route for locating and rerouting of a mobile entity

•      Via en route system checks of OBI, authorized entities can:

a)  Monitor and verify actual progress against agreed upon plans,

b)  Project actual delivery versus plans via SMS assistance, and,



c)  Expose any anomalies for resolution

•      Select COBI's can be externally read and monitored from a distance, if so authorized

•      Select COBI signals might be turned on/off or scrambled to protect from tampering

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