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#4 Solution -- Applications

Blind VAULT Locking (BVL) System Tamperproofs

Cargo Containers to Ship High Value Goods Unnoticed

      PRESENT SYSTEM WEAKNESSES – Current methods provide for sealing cargo doors with very flimsy and noticeable GPS broadcasting devices which can easily be snipped off and the valuable cargo removed in minutes.  The broadcast signal of tampering underway can not summon security authorities before the thieves have fled.  The present methods actually call attention to valued cargo rather than protect it.



      BVL TAMPERPROOF SYSTEM – This vault lock is located totally “inside” a cargo container, box car, etc. with NO physical accessibility from the outside.  The BVL locking mechanism is triggered by an encrypted code sent remotely by a Security Management System (SMS).  A container must be nearly destroyed via cutting torch, saws, etc. to remove the cargo if the SMS has not sent an unlock signal to the BVL.  

a)  A removable, serviceable On-Board Identity Module (OBIM), containing an electronically addressable On-Board Identity (OBI), is the heart of the BVL.  When the cargo container is filled and doors properly closed, the encrypted OBI is read wirelessly whereupon an electronic system check will confirm proper OBIM functioning plus full and complete closure of the internal door locking system.  If the SMS receives a OBIM feedback signal that the doors are fully secured, the BVL is “actuated” by the SMS and the OBI signal as replaced by a Random Number (RN) code assigned by the SMS.

b)  The RN is wirelessly addressable for ongoing security checks throughout the cargo container’s travels to: 1) confirm that BVL tampering has not occurred; and, 2) the cargo is maintained on is planned route and schedule.  This also allows for en route changing of the RN by the SMS, if additional security is needed as well as re-routing of the cargo container, box car, etc., if it becomes necessary.

c)  At the destination, the SMS must again be contacted to read the containers RN, perform a final system check via the OBIM that the BVL is still intact.  When it is confirmed that no tampering has occurred, the SMS remotely unlocks the BVL.

      SELECT BVL DESIGN POINTS -- a key aspect of this system is flexibility and serviceability:

a)  A removable OBIM “module” allows for multiple, licensed hardware “lock up” designs

b)  BVL hardware can be manufacturer installed or field retrofit to existing containers                    

c)  Via encryption, SMS control system could be proprietary or licensed to sub-users

d)  The BVL system is a standalone business unit with many recurring revenue streams

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