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#5 Common Controller

Key Control Aspects

Select Are Common to All Three Design Solutions

•     Three separately marketable designs align with this common Security Management System (SMS) 

•     On-Board Identity (OBI), containing a secured transmittable identity, applies to all three designs

•     SMS can revise single or multiple en route addressable OBI's via GPS or checkpoint modifications

•     Characteristic Identity (CI), composed of multiple elements, adapts to same SMS as OBI's use

•     SMS stores OBI, CI, & COBI and substitutes an on-board Random Number (RN) for anonymity

•     RN triggers OBI &/or CI verifications via SMS lookup and checks the composite of entity identities

•     SMS can revise assigned RN’s via GPS or at en route checkpoints for additional entity security 

•     Tamperproof OBI's can apply to virtually any mobile entity and be non-contact read by SMS

•     SMS may vary a driver’s requested OBI at checkpoints selecting from a library of stored OBI's

•     SMS monitors RN's at en route pass points and can alarm if any entity strays from defined route

•     RN is SMS transferrable where authorization to encode access devices at remote locations

•     SMS adapts to versatile checkpoint controls applied to contained perimeters or defined zones

•     The multi-identity COBI concept is adaptable to all three design solutions for added security

NOTES:  1) For simplicity, OBI is used to indicate a single identity or COBI (composite, multiple identities)

                 2) Mobile Entity is ANY transportable whether a self-powered vehicle such as car, truck, train, etc. or

                     transported by auxiliary means such as semi-trailers, cargo containers, cartons, skidpallets, et al.

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