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 Solutions to Combat TERRORISM and THEFT!

(a brief snapshot)

Solution #1 - RAID Tracking -- A Rapid Access Information Database providing a single contact portal for Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders to access GPS information sources, using license plate lookup for querying well of 50 GPS databases to provide authorized LE/ER units GPS location information within minutes after an event occurs.

Solution #2 - Vehicle Control -- Managing movement of any vehicle or mobile entity in controlled areas or even broadly diverse zones, such as the interstate highway networks, by monitoring a tamperproof On-Board Identity (OBI).

Solution #3 - Composite Identity -- Tamperproof identity for a transport SYSTEM (truck + trailer + driver + cargo, etc.) through a randomized Composite On-Board Identity (COBI) of multiple individual identities, ALL validated at entry, en route, and exit points. Protect our airports, military/government sites, and power plants.

Solution #4 - Secured Containers -- Mobile entities (cargo containers, enclosed trucks, box cars, etc.) secured via an externally inaccessible tamperproof, system-controlled Blind Vault Locking (BVL) mechanism whereby high value or military cargo is securely shipped indistinguishable mixed among the masses of identical, unsecured containers, truck trailers, and rail cars.

Common Controller #5 -- A single control system, with the potential for a variety of sub-systems, user fees or licensing, and security encryption, can be operated by a central owner to manage solutions #2, #3, & #4 simultaneously. A real and ongoing revenue generator with numerous revenue producing support services.

NOTE:  #2 & #5 Patented 2009, #4 Patented 2013,  #1 and #3 Patent Pending

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