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(just the short list)

      PIP is seeking partners to develop these three security solutions into reality

      The potential exists for creating, servicing, and managing a worldwide multi-modal logistics system of tamperproof vehicles and mobile entities of all types while virtually eliminating both terrorist access by vehicle and theft and losses of containerized cargo

      Each  solution has rich opportunities in the commercial or government/military markets

      Two solutions relate directly to law enforcement plus site access security and control

      Each solution can be marketed separately or bundle collectively under one controller

      Each aspect can be built-in at manufacturing or retrofit late -- multiple businesses

      A few examples of the "Perpetual Revenue" opportunities resulting from:

        a) Service replacement parts opportunities associated with each solution

        b) Initial installation of solution's-associated components on existing mobile entities:

             - Potentially thousands of vehicles can utilize the On-Board Identity (OBI) concept

             - Growing use of the OBI vehicle concept may lead to it being a manufacturer built-in

             - A portion of the millions of existing cargo containers need conversion work 

        c) Installation charges associated with solutions-related equipment on user sites

        d) Usage fees for installing these solutions-related features on new entities produced

        e) Service fees for tracking mobile entities en route from origin to destination

        f) Application fees for using the Blind Vault Locking (BVL) feature on cargo containers  

      The BVL system is an "actuator mechanism" adaptable to many lock design variations

      OBI has major access and travel control opportunities at government and military sites

        NOTE:  Mobile Entity is ANY transportable whether a self-powered vehicle such as car, truck, train car, etc. or

                         transported by auxiliary means such as semi-trailers, cargo containers, cartons, skids/pallets, et al.

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